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Wanted: good free HDR software


Woah.. I'm still here?
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if you're using lightroom, you can check out Enfuse which has given some decent results for free..

Heard some good things about qtpfsgui but never used it myself..

if you want to pay for something, I would recommend photomatix..

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you can cheat this in photoshop.

take a picture and change the exposure on it to a low value - save the image as a 32bit image, then up the exposure a bit and save the image, you can do this as many times as you like, then just put all the images into one layer

if your feeling brave you could try http://www.photoshopsupport.com/photoshop-cs3/hdr-high-dynamic-range/index.html

Well, i have read that twice and is still makes no sense. And i have been using Photoshop since 1996.

You can download Adobe Photoshop CS4 for free for 30 days. If you are familiar with your registry in Windows, after 30 days, uninstall, clean out the Adobe entries using regedit.exe and install again. I would imagine using a restore point might do the trick too. Anyhow, what 3dfiend was talking about is exposure bracketing. Three images is enough, -2 stops, perfect meter, and a +2 stop will give you high detail in all ranges of highlights, and shadows. Just take the pictures, and in Photoshop, go to file, automate, Merge to HDR and select those 3 exposures. You can just google "merge to hdr in Photoshop" and get plenty of help. Or as 3dfiend mentioned, go to adobe forums. Good luck.

Here is a link to an HDR image i took in Alaska

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Well, i have read that twice and is still makes no sense. And i have been using Photoshop since 1996.
so i didnt put it as clearly as i should - i was tired, and its not that hard to use google




which describe what i said above, which pictures :p


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Ha, I figured you did, which is the only reason i clarified with specifics. Shooting HDR can be pretty fun with Scenery.


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Ok people Lets not turn this into a shouting match.

assclown- please refrain on posting certain "hacks" as it violates forum rules and in a way stealing.

Now back to the discussion :)
Are we seriously stooping to a new low and labeling formatting a computer a "hack"? lol. Fine. Don't format your computer, Bill Gates or all the nerds that write Linux will be angry with you.


not tested any of these programs, but they proclaim to work and be free.


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Yes they do unless you have a valid serial which would require purchasing said software....from the EULA:
Lol, get a life. The website simply states you must purchase if you do not want a restricted version. Period. Quit dragging out what doesnt need to be drug. No one offered any pirating advice, no one offered a "hack" or a stolen serial number or a generator.

On a less retarded note, hansrijf, did you get to install a free trial and do any HDR stuff?


sh! it stinks
On a less retarded note, hansrijf, did you get to install a free trial and do any HDR stuff?
Nah, still waiting where this thread leads to.... hehehe. In the weekends I am too busy umpiring baseball matches and during the week my freetime gets interrupted by work... so, I will try to do some in my next vacation (in august)
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Okay I've restored some comments and removed comments from previous action. As a result some posts will seem disjointed.

If comments are removed again PM me to have them restored.


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Lets keep this civil, keep the name calling and flaming to a minimum please.

As far as HDR software goes I use HDRShop for most of my needs. You might consider it more advanced though. Remember, the proper way to create HDR images is at the camera with multiple shots with different exposures. Taking a single image and just bumping up its levels does not create the same results.

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