Want to redesign the finder?


I may actually be insane.
Many people within the Mac community seem to have beef with the Finder, I can't see why, I quite like the way it is as of now, functions great for me.

Either way, I see 10.5 coming out with either a total re-design, or a tweaked "improved" finder, which will end up with the following reviews:

total re-design
1. 50% think it's the best thing EVAR.
2. 49.9% Hate it, moan about every aspect.
3. 3 people revert back to OS 9.2.2.

tweak and "improve"
1. 50% enjoy using the improved functionality.
2. 25% moan there should of been a complete re-design.
3. 20% moan it's STILL utter-crap.
4. 4% don't realise there's anything new.
5. 1% haven't updated to 10.5 yet.

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