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Waddy..,please Read

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
I know that you're having some trouble with the board, and let me suggest that you somehow let the regulars know about an incredible feature that this board has;

It's the arrow, on the topic, on the page with all of the other topics...it gets you to the first unread post without having to load the topic, if everyone knew about this, I'm sure there'd be a marked decrease in the calls to the server...I just found this feature, and man, I wish I'd known it sooner

ps, fix my mailbox, please

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
Originally posted by louiskhorweiwu
uh, view new posts? :) my first stop whenever I come to the site...
that's not what i'm talking bout...ok, after you bring up the new posts, you a page or two of topics, will, in front of each topic, there's a white arrow, that arrow will take you to the first unread post of that topic, whithout ever having to load the topic in the first place...

that's exactly what I'm talking about, as, from your post, like me, you didn't know anything about this feature...huge time saver


I just sent you a mail dealer and it worked fine ?

We have sent your email to dealer. You will now be returned to the thread.

Click here if you do not want to wait any longer
(or if your browser does not automatically forward you)

Did you recieve it ?


There are two ways for people to contact you using the forum :

The EMAIL form - which goes to your actual email Address.

Private Messages (PM) - PM's do not go to your email address, but are internal on the forums. So you can only access them through here.

I just sent 3 or 4 PM's, to you dealer and they all went through, did you recieve them ok

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
ya, it seems like waddy is the only person that can pm me...I double checked to make sure the box was empty, and it is, but there's still some fujism going on, for everyone but waddy


Hmm this sux, it worse that it works for me as I cant track it down.

Ill have to contact the guys from VB about this as im stumped.

Ill triple check all the settings in the control panel and get back to you

That is 1 thing I noticed from day 1 on this site- I tried PM'n alot of peeps that I know that hang out in the #xperience chan on irc.

Everytime I asked them if they got my PM they'd reply, "What?"

So I never really knew if it was a problem with the site or what- I just dropped it and thought it was an add-in that was just for looks :)

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