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W32.spybot worm


Can you handle this?
I got a worm by downloading something, but that's besides the point. I didn't find out that I had a worm until about 3 days ago (my computer wasn't chugging or anything or doing weird things that I could notice). My brother came home for the holiday and installed Norton 2003 and a few other things. Now my computer is very slow. It takes forever to open programs like Word. My brother says it's from the worm...I think it's becuase he installed all this stuff onto my computer. I can't get rid of the worm, either. Is there a way to get rid of the worm and make my computer not chug?
Henyman, don't mean to be picky but its called Symantec Security Response not "Norton Responce" :)

hndlthis, you said you have Norton installed now. If thats the case NAV will have already remove the worm therefore it may not be the cause of your slow down.

If NAV cant remove it automatically which is often the case with spybot you need to locate the process that NAV identifies in the alert in task manager and terminate it. You can then use NAV to remove the file or delete it manually.

Then using the above article remove the registry keys the worm adds.


Can you handle this?
I didn't know really where to put it and I was low on time. Sorry.

I tried removing it maually by visiting many sites, I did what they suggested and I thought it worked. Norton keeps popping up that it has found this worm. To my knowledge, it's gone. To Norton, it's not. So I don't know.
If Norton says your infected you are. It has been unable to remove the file automatically you need to manually delete the file Norton is reporting as infected and as i say above to do so you may need to stop the process from running.

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