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My anti virus which is AVG isn't reporting this as a virus but its creating popup city on my sygate firewall this is after i blocked it. Its located in Win32 and ive read these two are close friends with the culprit, it seem's highly unusual that it is trying to access the internet this much or at all.
...e user. W32/Rbot-C copies itself to the Windows system folder as SPOOLSVC.EXE and creates entries in the registry at the fol...
Report from Sophos. On 5th Apr 2004. "

...wing files: %System%\soundman.exe %System%\confgldr.exe %System%\spoolsvc.exe %System%\winwork.exe %System%\winhelp.exe %Sys...
Report from Symantec. On 19th Mar 2004. "

It's hit about six times during this post.hmmmmmmmm
Anyone else have this going on if so let me know please, before i hammer a system file. I'm going to run an online scan and see if it turns up anything in the meantime. , thanks frogg :eek:
I switched over to Nentense anyway ive been wanting to upgrade so this was a good excuse. This all turned out to be spyware that spybot s&d took care of. I used the nentense NOD32 trial version pryor to AVG and i liked it so I'm given it a go. frogg_mann

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