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w00t! Jordan makes it official; will return this season


He's da man. I've been a fan of his for YEARS. Don't care if he isn't the Jordan of the good ole days, just to see him play again!


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ffs in that case get nostalgic about seeing wilt's shirt on the court or kareem out there or jerry west or bird or magic or doctor J or anyone else that had an impact... :D

jordan... I respected him and the teams he played for back in the day... he went and came back and I respected him still because he had talent..

to see him come back because he owns part of the team and CAN come back therefore and take minutes away from other players is RIDICULOUS...

anyone now can put up the numbers he did last season and probably this season if they take the number of shots he did... I love to see him out there but I would rather remember him for what he was... I agree with jewellz... the league needs to concentrate on the teams and players it has NOW and is developing NOW rather than rely on the jordan factor for its existence...

get over it... move with the times... :cool:

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they can inject you with new cartilage so thats wat hes done you know he can afford it

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