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26 Mar 2007

I want to build a VPN by using Windows Server 2003. I am using normal DSL line and using services of Dnsexit.com for getting Public IP. Can any one help me how can I create VPN b/w my office server and home computer. I want to access my office machine from home machine.

I have no idea what you need it for, so compatibility aside...

If it's your office workstation you want to access, the simplest solution would be using Hamachi. It's simple to use, free of charge, and pretty reliable. It passes through firewalls as well without additional (re)config.

If its the companies server you want to access then I do have some questions; do you have access to the server, networking devices on-site and the firewall? Are you allowed to change the configs on all those devices? Is there a firewall you need to reconfigure?

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Thanks Lukas for reply

Actually I want to create VPN b/w Main office and Branch office. I am having DSL connection at each point but not dedicated line. Can you please guide me how can I create VPN b/w them. I have heared about no-ip.com or dnsexit.com for resolving Dynamic IP issue. How can I use these services in building VPN?

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Site-to-Site VPN (Network-to-Network): for a tutorial have a look here

Do you need to replicate among DC's and EXS's? You could still use hamachi, there are a lot of forum posts on hamachi.cc regarding domain set-ups with hamachi...

As far as dynamic IP; I've used no-ip.com for years now, and I'm quite happy with it. You can run it as a windows service, and it can update your IP as often as 5 minutes. And many DSL router/modems have a built-in no-ip client, which updates the IP immediately when it changes.

I have no experience with windows based VPN services, and also no experience on site-to-site vpn with dynamic adresses, but I think you'll have to re-estabilish the connection everytime your IP changes...

Maybe someone else has more experience when it comes to this particular set-up.

Hope it helps a little.

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What exactly are you trying to share access to from pc to pc? You could just setup Terminal Services with RRAS instead. Alot less configuration involved and you only need to have 1 port open.

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