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VPN Connectioin



Hi Peoples,

Have a question regarding VPN.

I am trying to configure a workstation running WIN XP PRO to connect to a network using VPN. The server it is connecting to is a Windows NT4 SBS. I have successfully set up Windows 98 and 2000 to work, however xp is a different story.

I have got XP to log into the NT server, however what I would like to happen is for the XP machine to run the login script stored on the server.

I have been able to configure 98 and 2000 to run the login script, just not XP. I have tried setting it up to join the domain, however with this setup, everytime you start the machine it looks for the domain. This causes a problem as it is not always part of the domain.

The 98 and 2000 machine had to be configured to log into the domain for the login script to run, which is fine. XP does not work like this.

Any help with the above would be appreciated.


Actually, XP and 2k should behave the same. If the domain is not there, you can tell it to log on locally and not on the domain. What I'm wondering though, is why do you have a domain set up but not always available? (And the machine will have to log onto the domain to run that script, unless you put it in the startup folder in the start menu, or the RUN section in your registry.) Of course, that depends on what kind of script it is.


RE: VPN connection

Let me rephrase what I wrote before. The domain is always available, however, since it is a home machine that is logging into the domain at their work site, the home machine will not always be part of the domain (If you know what I mean). The home machine will only ever need to log onto the domain when the use wants to do some work from home, which might be once or twice a week. The rest of the time it will be used as a standalone workstation.

I was going to run the script locally at startup, however when the user is not logged into the domain via the VPN connection, the script will try and run and come up with errors. I only want the script to run when the user connects to the VPN connection......

2000 and 98 aren't a problem. I have configured both of these to work correctly, as in run the script only when a connection is made to the VPN connection.

I read somewhere that you can configure the above by going to the security tab under the properties of the particular network conncetion. The only problem with this is....the security tab is non existant. I read on another forum someone else wanted to configure the above and they coudn't find the security tab either.

If anyone can shed some light on this matter it would be appreciated.



For neo978

I'd like to log in my NT Domain using VPN too. So if you find the solution, post i here or send it to me please.

Can you tell me how did you set up Win 9X to log into domain using VPN and running the logon script please?


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