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Vote on my Sig


F@H - Is it in you?
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I voted 1

... anyone who disagrees with my vote can kiss my scrawny l'il behind...

I like the one you got and the first one.
The last one I wouldnt recommend using as it might be seen to violate forum guidelines.

First is nice though.


Hallo Geffy, I voted for the 3rd in your link, the others are good, too. What I like is that you choose the colour of the pageframe.
Jawshoouh, my favorite of yours is the last one, I think you tried it already and it didn't last long. Nice to see her again. ;) btw any chance you may change your avatar in the near future?:)


yeah:) rather puristic now:) edit: had only this little red cross in a frame here couple a minutes ago.. Yes I like the new one;)
Originally posted by yoyo
What I like is that you choose the colour of the pageframe.
Wierd I just noticed that when you pointed it out. Complete coincidence I was just looking for a nice darkish blue colour.

I think that I will go with the 3rd one. I also like the 1st one, I will remember how to get the 1st effect and maybe use it later.

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