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Hey, I have windows XP 2600 (corporate Edition). And i cant get my V3 to use OpenGL or Glide. I need some drivers, but of all the 3rd party drivers, I dont know which are best for me. If anyone has gotten a v3 2000 to work, plz tell me what drivers u used. Thanx in advance!
Gizmo has released some Glide drivers that fix the problem of OS hangs after exiting Glide applications/games. Here are some words from him:

These drivers: Glide3x.dll and Glide2x.dll originally from hujer_hoe, I just got glide to work without freezing on exit, sacrificing OpenGL but you can always switch Glide3x.dll and Glide2x.dll without restarting.. These drivers go in "c:Windowssystem32" basically where your current ones go.

Should work for Voodoo 3,4,5 but tested only on Voodoo5. These drivers have been tested and work for:Warzone 2100, UnrealTournament, and Tribes1 without crashing on exit or just plain work.
oh sorry didnt read it properly

but the ones on the front page of this website work great
v3-wxp-notools HELP

When I used v3-wxp-notools, it didn't work. What folder am I supposed to extract them to?
Hey I can help, I had Voodoo3 2000 PCI and XP working, Full openGL support heehe.

I posted a thread on here about it before, its gone!

Right, what you need is:

1. Voodoo3 drivers for Windows2000 Here
2. Get the HoE Drivers Here
3. Read Ansible's guide to installing these drivers to work on XP. Click here for the guide

I used the guide and it worked first time everytime, since then I have bought a GF2MX for the time being (Getting New comp with ASUS GF3 Ti500)

Hope this helps and G.Luck

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