How to get done fixed sound volume for Media Player , that shouldn't get up then 50% of it, or should be constantly setup for all users on machine running XP & 2000? Using Win registry?
Let me rephrase it, my kids in Net-classroom are killing me by using high sound vol., now i'm looking for opportunity how to administrate changing vol levels (static level or till 50%)?:suprised:

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I believe he wants to have media player open with a fixed level, and he doesn't want a user to be able to raise the sound level above 50%

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See if this is anything close to waht you want>>>

Crossfading and Volume Leveling
It may seem minor to some, but I really like crossfading. Turning on this feature is like hiring a virtual DJ to fade one song into another so the music flows without jarring transitions. To turn on crossfading so the end of one song fades into the beginning of the next one:

On the View menu, point to Enhancements, and then click Crossfading and Auto Volume Leveling.

Click Turn on Crossfading and adjust the slider for how many seconds of overlap you want. You might have to fiddle with the overlap setting to best fit your music.

Even better, you can also turn on volume leveling, which adjusts the volume of each song so you can hear the quiet pieces without getting blown away by loud songs, especially important when listening on headphones. This is one of the cool features available only on computers running Windows XP. Volume leveling works both when you're playing back music from your PC and is also applied when files are transcoded to a CD that you burn.

The volume leveling feature supports files that are in Windows Media Format (WMF) or MP3 format and that contain a volume leveling value. When you copy a track from a CD, Windows Media Player 9 Series automatically adds volume leveling to the file. Because earlier versions of Media Player didn't have this feature, music files on your computer won't have volume information values. You can add values by following these steps:

On the File menu, point to Add to Media Library, and then click By Searching Computer.

In the Look in box, choose the location of the Windows Media or MP3 files to which you want to add volume leveling values.

Click Advanced Options, and under Advanced search options, click Add volume leveling values for all files.

Click Search, and click Close when completed.

Media Player checks the volume level in each of the files, adds the appropriate volume leveling value to each file, and then adds the files to Media Library.
Thank you for running in help to me, but some other Q, does really helps out to solve this problem on whole user accounts manually and are they could be able change sound volume going through web browser httP??? Not suppose to be changed without admin authority!!

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