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Hi all.
I have upgraded to XP Pro, everything if fine exept sound, The problem is that I dont have a volume control on taskbar. When I go into sound properties and tick to show volume control on taskbar, a message comes up saying I need ti install volume control. Where do I get it as I cant find it on disk, or is there somewhere I could get it on the net..

Greatfull for any help..

control panel> add or remove programs> windows components. I'm going to guess that its part of the accessories and utilities group.

edit: I may be wrong here... i just looked there and i didn't see it. Did you do a custom installation and select the components to install instead of the 'recommended' installation? I'll look around a little more on my system... I think it should have installed by default.
In Control Panel> sounds and audio devices... is your sound card showing up in all the right places?

Also, are there any conflicts in the device manager?
Sigma Tel Audio comes up in all places,, no onflit either.. just seems I dont have volume control installed for some reason,, tried instaling from disk again but still nothing there..

Found something. Open Windows Explorer> Tools> Folder Options> tick this item: 'show hidden files and folders.' Untick 'hide extensions.....' and hide protected operating system files..."

Next, go to the x:\windows\inf folder and find the file sysoc.inf, open it in notepad. Find the entry:


remove the word 'hide' so it looks like this:


Save it and exit notepad. Next, go into Control panel> add or remove programs> windows components> Higlight 'accessories and utilities> hit the 'details' button> highlight 'multimedia'> hit the details button... thar she blows :D
Hey thanks,, gona give it a try,, will let you know how i get on..

Still no luck Im afraid,, wonder if there is somewhere I can download it?

Is it showing up for you? If it is, try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it. If it's not, go back into the sysoc.inf file and remove all the instances of the word 'hide.' It won't hurt anything, it just allows certain components to show up in the add or remove programs applet.
Nope still dont see it,, ant find it on pc or on disk,, have tried everything you mentioned but still nothing...

Im at a loss,,,,,

What sound card do you have? have you tried downloading the latest drivers, or looking for a windows update?

if you have a creative sound card, download the Windows XP Update drivers, the package contains the media-control-centre program, this is loaded in the task bar instead of the default windows speaker icon..

hope that helps
Had the same thing and still no volume control icon. But the fix for me was installing the latest Creative drivers. Now I have the Creative icons in tray.
Also could try downloding StatBar as it has a volume control (and a slew of other useful stuff :D )
Not sure what the sound card is, must be a built in one. I have a PB Pulsar 600..

Problem solved.. I went on to Kazaa which is at www.kazaa.com and downloaded windows XP volume control,, works great.

Thanks guys,,,
Right ON!!! Glad to hear it man. I had no idea it was even downloadable.... good work.

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