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Volari V8 surprise performance


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here is a link to a review of one of the new graphics cards coming out by XGI..


after reading the review wich compared to comparably priced cards from nvidia and ati and deltachromme I was suprised...also at the end of the article is speaks of a very high overclock

I won't be buying one of these probably ever but people who play simpler games and run regular graphics might be interested
The volari duo V8 Ultra had some interesting peformance in the latest video card round up at:


so I tried to find pricing at pricegrabber and pricewatch and came up with nothing on the V8 cards (got a hit on the V3). Man those things must be rare in the USA.

Nnote the performance varied widely depending on the game benchmark used. BF Vietnam was pathetic but 3D MArk looked good. Hmmm, optimising maybe?


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I think XGI did pretty well for their first card to compete with the bad boys, (unless they used to make cards which I'm not sure)

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