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voice recognition

Perris Calderon

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I can't believe I never enabled this before...I'm using it on a gps program with an antenae, and man, it's great

I'm having an issue I can't figure out though;

sometimes, the voice recognition will just stop listening...the mike still works, and I'm getting voice levels when I talk...but for some reason, it's not getting into the v.r application.

now, when this happens, I try everything...turn it off, restart, reboot...everything I can think of short of uninstalling and reinstalling

still nothing...when I go to train the program, even thought the mike is registering levels, the v.r. engine does not hear me talking, and no progress can be made in training mode either...so, it's not an external program issue, it's definately the v.r. engine that's not stable

the only solution so far is to use a system restore to a day when the engine was working fine...nothing else works to resolve the issue...but the fact that restore works means that I should be able to resolve the issue without doing a restore.

anyone have any suggestions for me to try?

thanx in advance

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