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Visual C++ don't work in SP2

I installed Visual C++ prefectly on SP1, but it won't work in SP2. Is there anyway to work around the problem? Maybe a patch provided by Microsoft? I'd like to keep SP2 if i can help it.

I use Korean version of XP and other applications so the error message, when roughly translated, says "Exiting the program to due problems with 'setup', sorry for the inconvenience", and this message pops up everytime I insert the CD (autorun) or try to execute the 'setup' file.


Shamus MacNoob

Political User
Have you set the DEP portion of SP2 to only work with windows and not all applications ?

To set it open System Properties, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.

Click the Advanced tab and, under Performance, click Settings.

Click the Data Execution Prevention tab.

Then set it to only work with windows apps and not all apps.

And this is what I was talking about with sp2 not as great as some people want to believe.

It makes alot of programs 100% useless.
It is not the visual studios suite... it is just visual C++ 6.0.

I'm pretty frustrated since it is halting my studies... i really need this program to work... i'm sitting here doing nothing except trying to solve the problem. maybe i should just reinstall windows again with SP1... which I REALLY HATE TO since i just did reinstalled 2 days ago and found this problem.

GOSH... why did they make sp2 incompatible with some programs... WHY?!

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
And thats why they make SP2 so you need to spend $$$$ on newer version of their OWN software. Lets be honest M$ knew about this when they pushed it out , why do you think they still have delayed SP2 in the real world , not all you home users your the beta testers , Admin's install a little reg file so at work in the real world all our machines dont get bothered to install SP2 because it breaks more then in fixes in the real world.

Dont get me wrong I wish there was a better way but there is not , we need to take this painfull pill and hope things get better from here on in. But there are so many companies that use older versions of many programs because they work and did the job and still do the job, breaking even as is , not making millions is teh norm for many smaller to meduim places , just to replace some of the programs they need means $100,000's of dollars its not as simple as just some kid at home with 1 or 2 game pc's .

sorry man I dont think there is a way past it unless you can find something at microsoft, if not I say go back to sp1 and at least dont mess up your school year.

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