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18 Nov 2006
I downloaded a visual style theme from deviantArt today but am unsure how to apply it.

My OS is Vista Premium. Are visual style themes only for XP? When I try to customize the desktop, Vista looks for files that have the .themes extension. Visual style files have a .msstyles extension.

If it's possible to use I'd appreciate some help. Thanks everyone.
You need to apply the uxtheme.dll hack before you can use a third party visual style. You will have to search for the version that works with Vista.
Thanks Matt.

If I used WindowBlinds, would I be able to use visual style themes? Is that what WB is used for?
If so it's a very costly way of doing it! You're better off adding the hacked file yourself for free :) Shouldn't be a problem.
Except that hacking my OS makes me very nervous. If I was told it is easy to do and I had step-by-step instructions, then maybe I'd try it.
Stormweaver, it is a simple patch. Completely safe. It won't have any affect on the performance or stability of the OS (unless of course you come across a badly designed visual style).
It works ok for me. It's just a rar file to download rather than a web page. Seriously, have some faith in your pals here on OSNN and install the hack. Save yourself some dough and don't buy that windows blinds crap. Let us know how you get on too! :)
u cant use XP Visual Styles on Vista unless u use WindowsBlind......wirth WB u can imported and converte them but u need WB running.......the patch is safe but the patch only will enable u to use Vista Only Themes no XP Themes
Hmmm... how do I know if the theme is for XP or Vista?

And when I use the link above, I get a blank page that says "you used too much bandwith."
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I never did get around to applying the hack and I never bought WindowBlinds. I did run the vistaglazz hack that coathanger007 mentioned.

Now that I ran vistaglazz, i can now use visual styles for vista?
for some reason i cant change the permissions for the file.
it wont let me rename the origonal dll files to .old because i cant switch to full control on vista home premium

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