Vista Update Jitters


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10 Feb 2003
Anyone else cringe when they do Vista updates?

Every time I update machines that haven't been kept up-to-date I clench my teeth and cross my fingers. Because the odd time I get corrupt OS, with no restore points, and isn't repairable. Wistfully remembering XP's bootable repair feature.

When I see that "applying updates" preboot screen and it halts for more than a few seconds I start to worry.

Maybe I could turn a phrase and start calling it the Vista Update Jitters. I think I may have to track down the update responsible for these unfortunate machines...
I've never had issues updating vista or xp. You should always keep up to date with updates. They usually come out on the first tuesday of every month.
I don't do Automatic updates, but instead just choose the windows updates only. Anytime it recomends driver updates then my heart skips a beat!
thats usually cos the driver dates are newer, but it will always provide stripped down drivers. Drivers should be obtained from the vendor.

Automatic updates only installs updates marked as critical or important and should be turned on for home PC's.
Vista is the first time I have used the automatic updates and so far so good :) (touches wood)
I never have and never will use automatic update. I have update turned on but set to first let me see what the updates are so I know what to take out if things start acting up after updating.

I set it to Notify me but don't automatically download or install them

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