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Vista Just Hibernates


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Hi. I have noticed that while using my Vista-32, it just closes and hibernates? Then I have to push the power button again and the "resuming window" in low image graphic comes out and restores the window to where it closed?
I had disabled my sleep and I can't find any other reason that my Vista would just close/hibernate even it I am using it.
Is there a way to check what is causing this?
Thanks. :cry:


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left the pc ON. in less than 30mins, it is off again so I had to press Power button then "resuming window" comes back. then before it wakes up, it went to hibernate/sleep again so I had to press the P-button again. now, it woke up then typed this info.
what could be wrong??? :mad:


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Check your power settings in Vista, you can access this through the control panel. You might have disabled sleep, but the computer might be set for power save mode, and kick the settings in automatically.


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thanks a lot for the info. I had also changed my setting in Display-Adaptice Display to OFF.
now it has been a almost a day without going to sleep/hibernate. :)

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