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Vista games

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Is there any way to get the games from vista (the standard games that are installed with vista) as my 4 year old keeps bugging me for them and as it is only limited versions at the moment i was wondering if i could extract the games as install them on a XP PRO pc?????


The One and Only
if it were a regular old game, then you probably could. but the bundled games with Vista have a pretty heavily revamped interface that probably requires some of the power of Vista to run. had it not been that way, then you probably could (i know, i've done this with the old cat and mouse game from Windows 3.1)


what games come with vista. i would get the beta version....but my family use this pc and would have a go at me for changing stuff. thanks.


The One and Only
hmm..... i might have to install those too. i LOVE MahJong. why they called it Shanghai is beyond me.

P.S. failurbydesign.... that car..... in ur wallpaper...... *gag*
..... where am i supposed to put the Vista Emulation dll?

P.S. no...... not crazy..... tuners (and cars that look like tuners) suck. there's absolutely no need for that huge freakin fin on the back..... not like it'd get much downforce from it anyway. and there's no need for the 5" exhaust it probably has too.
You have plenty to say about failurbydesign's desktop but you can even read the post properly.
By the way it worked top notch and now i can't get on my pc.
Many thanks for your reply.
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