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no i just got 32-bit on my laptop this past weekend and it runs like a dream. Won't support windows help files though. My brother has a dual-core processor and is running 64-bit and its crashed three times in a week, and he has had to completely reload the system twice.

One more thing: Windows aero (the cool visual effects like 3d flip etc) requires 1 GB ram, but other than that (I have 512MB) its awesome.

P.S: I love the sidebar, even though most gadgets are in norwegian right now lol
How did it not answer the question?

You asked whether or not all versions of Vista are 64-bit. The post that I linked to mentions that all editions of Vista include keys that can be used to activate both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. However, only the Vista Ultimate retail package includes both DVDs. For all the other editions, you need to specifically request a 64-bit DVD.


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I read that each DVD contains other versions, I didn't exactly read anything about 64bit, but thank you.

It's good to know now.


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Depending on the package you buy it in, you will be given a card that explains how to obtain the 64bit version. In short, they charge you an additional fee to get what should be offered on store shelves. After you pay, they mail you the disk you requested (32bit or 64bit).

I'm a bit ticked, having spent money on Home Premium, only to find I had to pay MS an additional 10$ to order the 64bit version. On top of that it takes up to 10 days to arrive, 16$ if you get express shipping.

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Its even ground really, 64bit support is alot better this time around, its really down to vendors and if they decide that there is demand for them to make 64 bit drivers.


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So there was only the 32bit version in your retail Home Premium?
I bought Home Premium. The side of the case says I will need a 32 or 64 bit processor, so I had hope it would do both.

Once I opened the case though, I found it only had the 32bit Media, and they put a card in the box that explained if I wanted the 64bit version, or a replacement 32bit disk, I would have to visit their website and order it.

Not a big deal, but a bit annoyed that I'll have to reinstall Vista once the 64bit version arrives.


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Is there anyway to order this at the same time as purchasing it, or even access to a download version?

If I build a new PC and get Vista at the same time, does this mean I'll have to wait for it to arrive before I can request a 64-bit DVD which will then take days to arrive before I can use my new rig?


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Not sure if you can do it online.

I know if you buy the box in stores, you will probably get the 32bit version. In that case, MS requires that you provide your product key before they will ship you another disk.

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