Visa Bus x64, WINSXS, Low disk space?


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24 Dec 2001
Hey guys,

I've been trying to do some research on a problem I have been having. I noted today that my OS Partition (30gb) is about 90% full, as the C:\Windows\winsxs directory is taking up about 10gb of space and climbing. I only have about 2.7gb left, and I'm afraid I'm going to run into a problem very soon if it doesn't relax. I have a second partition that has a ton of space on it.

It doesn't seem that I can technically "clean up" that directory. I've already done disk cleanup, removed all restore points besides my last, and also ran crap cleaner, and it just doesn't seem to have helped. Is there a way I really can either:

1) Clean up the directory so I don't run into a space problem?
2) Designate more space from my free partition towards my OS partition so I don't run into the problem?
3) Any other recommendations on what I can do?

Also, what about cleaning up other folders? The Microsoft Office directory took up a bit of space on the drive. I don't believe this was the case before, as I previously installed MS Office 2007 Enterprise onto my D:\ partition. Last night, I had mistakenly installed MS Visio 2007 into the C:\ partition. I removed Visio, and am reinstalling it where it belongs. Unfortunately it barely cleaned up any space on that partition after removing Visio. I jumped down to 2.3gb remaining after I saw I had updates to install on my PC. After installing them (space didn't change), and removing Visio I went back up to 2.7gb.
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Info about that folder.


What may help you more is to limit the size Vista uses for system restore as by default it uses up to 15% of the drive.
Thanks 3DFiend, that cleaned up quite a bit of space from when it went back down to 1.82gb again. I'm up to 3.7 now. I'm going to look at reducing the space for my system recovery to see if that helps more.
restore points will take up a lot of space, i forgot to turn it off once and found out it was taking up 9GB of space
To be honest I don't think the restore is the problem now. The backup folder under the WINSXS directory is only about 500mb. After doing the math, 15% of a 30gb is about 415mb, so it really is not that much. My disk space analyzer states that "Other" is 7.5gb, which is either the amd64 or x86 folders. And boy is there a lot.
restore points are normally under the hidden folder called System Volume Information

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