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AVG Free Edition has detected viruses on my PC, host.exe, copy.exe to name a few, they were all over the drive, when AVG deleted the infected files i can no longer access my drives using double clicks, what i do is that i have to right-click then explore or open, and it also opens in another window instead of the same window, the folder setting is set to open in the same window. please help.....and this is the error i get whenever i double click....on the drive:


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last time i saw something like that - either the pc was infected, or it was a bad deffinition file from avg, im having troubles with them now detecting a file in O&O defrag as being infected and i had only just d/l it from the O&O site.

try this see if there are an new updates for it, go to virus vault and tell it to ignore the files in there and restore them, you could try a trial version of another av program to see if you really are infected or if its on error on avgs part - i have sent them and email this morn about my little issue.

ablsolute worst case with friends pc i had was where i had to re-install his whole system due to a bad deffinition file, lets hope you dont have to do that :rolleyes:


Uninstall AVG Antivirus. AVG is known to have a lot of problems with skipping over viruses.

Install avast! home edition and be sure to update it. Perform a full system scan.

You should also get Dial-a-fix and make use of it after removing any found viruses. With Dial-a-fix you should click the Hammer icon, scroll to the bottom and click "SFC purge" and click go. Next you'll click "SFC scan" and click Go. This will check your Windows system files and replace any that may have been changed or altered due to viral activity. We'll close the Tools section and continue by clicking the green checkmark, then click Go.

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i know avg had issues with iffy virus deffs at times but i have never heard of it skipping virues!! lets hope my back up av dont do the same eset nod 32

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im still waiting on avg to email me back to tell me if they have updated their last virus deffinition, its saying ootip.dll (used for showing tooltips) is infected, eiter they are wrong or some pc at O&O defrag is infected, i've uninstalled avg and have falen back to nod32 untill they sort it
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