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Virus backdoor svinnt.exe. Help

Whats the virus name it reports? something like, trojan.x or backdoor.x

You need to use the task manager to kill svinit.exe then you can delete the file or NAV can remove it.

You then need to remove the run keys and may need to fix the exe handler by using this.

Disabled the program in task manager,then ran nav2003,but it wont let me delete it,just says found infection.Any help please.
Can you delete it outside of NAV? Open up the containing folder and delete it, if you cant delete it you may be able to rename it then reboot and delete it.

Also the NTFS permissions on the file may be set to SYSTEM only in which case you can take ownership the remove it, we can cross that bridge if/when we come to it however.

If you cant remove it i will create a reg file for you that you import to the registry, reboot and it will remove it at boot time.

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