Virtual Private Networking (VPN) - NT4 - Mapping Network Shares

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JSylvia007, May 16, 2003.

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    Ok guys! You have all helped me out before, I'm begging this time. I am trying to help out a friend who owns a small insurance company, with two offices. Currently, the two offices are connected through a dedicated 56k line. As you can all guess, this is quite slow. The main Office has a Windows NT4.0 SP6a Server, which hosts the database. Both offices have a VerizonDSL connection. I believe, through VPN, I can connect the two offices over the high-speed DSL, and eliminate the 56k all together. I believe that Windows NT4.0 has built-in VPN support, but I'm not completely sure how to set it up, and whether or not i will be able to share files, and map drives over the connection. I would really appreciate the help on this one. If you have any ideas, tips, or HOW-TO's on this subject matter, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks again guys! :D

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    look look Waddy posted :p
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    Well I still havent been able to connect the two offices. And the topic seems to have died... I'm begging here guys... i need some help with this one... I've been able to "set-up" vpn access. I think. I set it up using a tutorial I found online, and I can accessm and login to the NT4 server from home, the problem comes when I try to access network drives. I just get "network path not found" errors. I am also unable to PING the IP of the server, and when I check the VPN connection through windows, it tells me that I have "SENT" about 20,700 Bytes (which increases the longer i stay online), but i have only recieved 371 Bytes, and this number remains the same wether i am on for 5 minutes or 2 hours. Alsom whenever I connect to the NT4 server, all TCP/IP on my laptop fails. ie: I can't access the web, and AIM drops out, and wont reconnect until I disconnect from the VPN.


    ps. the links that WADDY posted came up "moved, or do not exist anymore"
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    When I create a VPN connection to my network at work it cuts off all my other web connections so that part is normal.

    Never tried it myself but heres a how to VPN using windows built in IPSec.

    Also check the obvious. Are you using login and password to get access to the remote network?

    Is there firewalls (hard or soft) on the remote machines?

    Have the remote machines been set up to share over the WAN?
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    How are you trying to map the drives by name, ip or through network neighbourhood ?

    When you ping does it resolve a name to the IP ?

    If you are running 2K/XP adjust your host file. Map the server name to the IP in there.


    E.g Server01

    Or in 98 lmhosts file

    Then try just mapping them by

    Start > Run

    \\<server IP>\share

    If that works, try it by name

    \\<server name>\share

    Configure Wins on the server and clients.

    Go to cmd prompt

    ipconfig /flushdns

    ipconfig /registerdns