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Videos on Ipod


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Note: This is relates to the new 30&60gig Ipod models only

Just wanted to post this for those who might be new to the ipod world. There is a nifty software [free of course] that converts mpeg, avi, wmv etc into mpeg4 files so the ipod can use it.
The software site is PSP Video 9 [Yes its PSP site but this gets the job done and its free]
This software works the same as Ipod Videora. So if you have that software you do not need this.
Here is a link to the direct Download
I would advise though if your new to this to visit the main site to see how the program is used. Its very very easy to use. Find file>Transcode file>Your done.
When your finished transcoding your video just sync your ipod with itunes as usual locate the file in the folder you transcoded it to. [Usually in a folder loacted in the PSP video 9 directory or you can make a folder just for you ipod vid files and save them there] Now add the file to your Itunes Library, playlist or just drag to ipod if you have manual manage enabled.

Hope this helps someone and feel free to correct or add to this thread.:)
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