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1 Jun 2005
I know. Its a rather bland title, but I didn't know how to phrase it. So here is the deal:
My computer right now is hooked up to 3 different screens.
1: Main Monitor (primary) 1280x1024x75 (DVI)
2: Second Monitor (disabled) 1280x1024x75 (DVI)
3: HDTV (Extended) 1920x1080x30 (Component Out)

Now as mentioned there, The Primary and extended are currently active. However, what I want is the possibility to use all 3 screens at once. This is for mostly coding reasons and/or any modding reasons needed while having any media running on the HDTV (movie or game or whatever).

Now if I want to go into pure gaming, my thoughts are that it would be better for the video card not to have to display any more than needed. So it would be either on the HDTV or the Main monitor. Is there a possible easier method to do this? A .bat method can work for me or even a program that can quick do this for me is good.

This is for Windows XP and possibly for Vista.

Keep in mind I'm using the latest ATI Catalist drivers and Radeon HD 2900 (1gb)


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5 May 2008
I use the Catalyst Control Center that comes with the Catalyst drivers and set up keyboard shortcuts for changing between two TV resolutions (1024x768 & 800x600 for me) and to display to my monitor at a 1152x864. You can configure which displays get turned on and off (multiple/individual), set everything up the way you like including what combination of hotkeys you want, and then save it to a configuration that you name. I use Control-Alt-Shift F12 for TV 800x600, Control-Alt-Shift-F10 for TV 1024x768 and Control-Alt-Shift-F11 for Monitor 1152x864.

Which ones you can have enabled or disabled all at once might be limited by your particular video card, but the combination you want may be possible. Only trying will tell.

I do this with both my Vista and XP installations on the same computer. Also using the latest Catalyst drivers but with my motherboard's integrated Radeon 1250. I also use this on my older XP machine with a Radeon 9600, although I haven't updated the video drivers since last year and on older, slower machines like that one, I use DriverPacks to enable using the old, faster Radeon driver interface called Control Panel.

I use the "Advanced" view in the Catalyst interface. Look form the "Displays Manager" on the left side for selecting what screen(s) to enable and disable, and then the "Profiles Manager" from the Profiles menu up at the top, middle.


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1 Jun 2005
Well I figure I should update this.

I came into a rather interesting issue that I haven't seen before on both XP and Vista.

Issue on XP:
It seems the HDTV that is connected wants to be display 1 as well as my 2nd monitor. My primary monitor wants to be display 2. Usually that wouldn't be an issue, but some programs like Realtek's HD Audio Manager wants to go to what is Display 1 instead of Primary.

I tried disconnecting all the displays except the main monitor and restarting. It still wants to be display 2.

Issue on Vista:
It seems that my display wants to bug out, then freeze. Bug out meaning it shows all random colors with all the graphics completly corrupted. When it does this, it will usually happen in game. I thought it was just limited to Trackmania United Forever, but it seemed to have happened on Audiosurf as well so I don't know what causes it.

The Clocks for the videocard is staying the same. I can only assume that MAYBE its a heating issue? If someone can confirm this with me, It would be a bit of help before I have to buy stuff to fix it.

That's all. Thanks ahead of time.

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