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Video Controller Error


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I asked this on another form and nobody could answer my question. maybe someone here can, probably I should have ask you guys first. :)

I reinstalled Windows XP Home on the computer and all updates and drivers, in Device Manager there was no problems. There was no Yellow ? mark in Device Manager.

I removed the AGP nVidia MMX440 graphic card and uninstalled the nvidia drivers.

I then bought and installed a new ATI 9600XT G/Card to the AGP slot to get better graphics and downloaded the latest drivers from ATI and installed them.

Now Device Manager shows a Yellow ? mark saying there is a controller error.

I thought it was because the on-board motherboard graphic drivers was not installed.

When i tried to update the onboard drivers it won't let me and keeps saying they are corrupt even when i have downloaded new drivers 3 times for the onboard Intel chipset.

Apart from the yellow ? mark everything is working OK.

I would just like to get rid of the Yellow ? mark in Device Manager.

PS the Yellow ? mark says: Video Controller (VGA Compatible) when you right click on it it says (This Device is not configured Correctly ( Code 1).


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