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video card worth it?

i got a gforce 2 mx 400 32mb

friends sellin me a 64 mb mx 400

the one he is giving me has tv out and the one i currently have has tv out too
he's saying $50 cdn
do you think its worth it or just buy a new vid card?


hardware monkey
no way worth it. especially when you have the 32mb version.

you can get a 64mb gf2 ti for $60 usd! about 3x faster than both cards.
:huh: this video card benchmarks less then my 32mb
wid the 32mb i get 2907 in 3d mark
wid this 64 i get 2684 :confused:
anyone know y?
slower memory?
and the clock speed and memory speed shouldn't it be faster?
32mb 185/175
64mb 200/133 ........core / memory....shouldn't the memory b higher? :huh:


hardware monkey
the 64mb card should be 200/166.

but before you move the slider up to that, look at the memory chips on the card. it should reveal it's designated speed in nanoseconds. here's an example of a 3.6ns memory chip:

yours should probably be 6ns.. so look for a "-6" or something on the chip. if you see a "-75" then it's 7.5ns memort meant to run at 133mhz for some reason.

1000 / 6ns = 166mhz
1000 / 7.5ns = 133mhz


Dude, my advice is to save up some money and get a GF4 Ti4200, their not that expensive anymore, and they perform really good. Some are marvelous at overclocking too.....so think about it...
yea i was
givin him his card back
jus gonna wait
gforce fx will b out soon too
if i save up enough i might just get one of those
IF they are good


$50 for a geforce 2 mx 64mb, its a rip off. you can now buy a geforce 3 or 4 between $80-250 now, but many pplz are gonna wait for the geforce fx to come out. I think its crazy to buy it, $400+!!!. I wait a year or two b4 buying it, by that time ill probably be drooling over radeon new video card that is gonna kick nvidia ass.
You guys are talkin yank pricing, remember the exchange is .62 Canadian dollars for every American dollar... $60 American is almost $100 Canadian.

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