video card problems



Hi my friend just gave me his video card which is a Creative Labs Riva TNT2 Ultra. It's 32MB and agp. Before I install the card I get the drivers off the net into a folder so when I install the card and boot up my computer then it can automatically find the drivers. Then it says to make sure the settings take place I have to restart my computer, now here's where the problem begins. I restart then right when it's about to load into windows my computer just automatically restarts itself again! Then it brings me to a screen where I can choose to start normally or safe mode and if I choose normal it'll just restart itself again but if I choose safemode then I can get into windows to fix the problems. Can someone please help me?

CPU = Intel P2 300mhz
RAM = 2 sticks of 32 MB SDRAM
Video Card = Creative Labs Riva TNT2 Ultra
Operating System = Windows 98 Second Edition

If you need some more info to help me please ask and I will tell you and anyone's help would be greatly apprciated. :D
1) Goto safe mode
2) remove video drivers
3) restart
4) boot normally
5) let winXP recognize tnt2u
6) restart
7) get reference drivers from Nvidia
8) never look at creative's site again for drivers
9) be happy it works now ;-)
Sorry, 98Se should recognize it as well, if not, get reference drivers from nvidia to use after you remove the creative ones...

heh, should have read your whole post first.


I did try nvidia drivers they did the same thing as the Creative ones! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!:(