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I'm looking for 2 good video programs. Firstly, I need a program that can convert any type of video file to another, if it's possible. Secondly, is there any program that allows you to use several different clips, put them together to make one movie/video? I hope you guys get what I'm saying.

Any kind of help is appreciated. :)


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Check out this site:
It has lots of tutorials that show you how to accomplish what you're getting at. Look under the Convert and Edit sections to find what you're looking for. The site has a list of software for each purpose as well. You might even find some nice freeware.


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An all in one program for everytype of video conversion is going to be hard to comeby, if not impossible ... or will cost a lot of money. Conversion is affected by many factors ... bitrate, FPS, audio codec, video codec, PAL, NSTC, wide-screen, full-screen, subs, etc. I for one use VirtualDub, Nandub, VirtualDubMod, BeSplit, tmpegenc, VOBSub for all video conversions all of which are free except for tmpegenc. Tutorials on virtually any tool can be found at


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You might also want to check out RAD Video Tools:

Also Windows Movie Maker 2 is very easy to use and will let you combine video clips into longer movies. If you need something with more capability that Windows Movie Maker provides then you are probably going to have to go with something Adobe Premier for some pretty big bucks.