vidcard for Dell 520n

my brother-in-law is getting this computer and I was wondering about a video-card. I wouldn't want him to have to change the PSU, but I do want him to have something kick-butt for Vista. (he hasnt had an upgrade for 5 years or so,.. he's still running a 3.0ghz hyper-threaded pc with 1gig and a 9800pro.)

This new one has PCIe 16x, and one PCIe 8x

I dont know the size restrictions on the case, is there any way to figure this out? A hightech web site that allows you to put in your case size and PSU restrictions and find a videocard that way? Or what kinds of things should I consider?


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You should be able to go upto a 7600 level nvidia or a 1600 leve ati card w/o issues.

Above that, you might have to change out your psu to add the cards in.

They should also fit comfortably.

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