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i'm trying to overclock my geforce2 mx400 and i can get it to work awesome, but the settings wont stick after i restart the computer. im using coolbits to do it and i click on apply new settings at startup and i make sure to apply all the changes before exiting the program but coolbits doesnt start up with the cpu and my settings just wont stick. i hate having to change them manually each time i restart, any ideas?? thanks!


Did you run Test before you applied the settings?

Try getting GTU from www.guru3d.com its a good little util to help overclock ya card. You set the settings and thats it.. no need to keep it "gtu" running all the time either.


yeah, i have the geforce tweakutility as well and it does the same thing, frequencies are reset upon restart, thanks anyways. p.s. i do test before applying.
I noticed that too with my gf4. The tweak util says its back to the default value after restart. But if I view the clock speed via coolbits (the extra tab in the driver properties), it says it's clocked to what I set.

I dont think the tweak util is right, but the collbits tab is right. I felt the RAM chips with both speeds and they are hotter when I overclock even though the tweak util says I'm running at the default speed.


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in my opinion, that gtu program is a pain. coolbits is incorporated into the display driver so there's no need for extra software or the link.

if it won't stick, it might something to do with your windows starting up. did you delete anything out of the startup section of your registry (see attach.)? delete anything out of the 'startup' tab in the system configuration utility (run > msconfig)? coolbits needs to have that registry entry to load the settings when windows starts up.


Actually, there's a setting in Coolbits that allows the computer to remember the new settings at startup. Have you checked that option? There's a chance that you didn't. ;)

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