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Vid card decision helpage needed


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Ok, right now (as u can tell from the sig) i'm using a GeForce FX 5700 256MB video card. I'm looking to upgrade to a 6800GT. but the problem is, the 128MB versions only use GDDR, while the 256MB versions use GDDR3. Now, is it really that worth the..... like $100 extra to get the extra 128MB and have it GDDR3, or should i just stick with the 128MB GDDR one?


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EDrag that looks like a great card...I owned a xfx 4200 and it was a great card. I have a 6800Gt right now and am very pleased with the performance I get whether I have it overclocked or running stock speeds. if there is anyway you could look at bestbuy to see if they have a bfg 6800 Gt that would be ideal...they are great cards have a lifetime warranty, great support and come Oclocked out of the box
I think you may be a bit confused. There is the

-128MB Geforce 6800
-256MB Geforce 6800GT

For the extra $100, the GT is definately worth it, is quite a lot faster than the 6800.

Check your online store for other brands such as Leadtek, Gainward, Gigabyte, Abit or Albatron - ive heard average reports on XFX, but im not sure. Gainward also has "golden-sample" cards that come pre-overclocked.


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ok sorry to jump in but Gainward and Leadtek are dodgy card makers at best, leave them alone, Giga-Byte and Albatron are very good cards, I really wouldn't buy an Abit if you can help it.


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unless that's wrong, there IS a 128MB 6800GT, it just doesn't use GDDR3
and Lancer, i'd love to get a card other than one made from XFX or one of the sort, but the cards from manufacturer's such as Asus, Giga-Byte, and Albatron cost quite a bit more.

edit: would the BFG card be a good quality one to get? according to the website they have it for the same price that ZipZoomFly has it for, though i'd have to pay tax, but at least i'd be getting it right then and there, and not waiting till probably next week anyway.


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I've read all over the place that BFG makes great cards and I'm more impressed with the fact that they 24/7 customer support and the card has a lifetime warranty...I have also never heard one person say they've had a problem with their bfg card anyway...

that 128MB version of the GT is amazing...when I bought my card I had the hardest time choosing a card and the reg 6800s just didn't cut, so I bought the 6800GT from EVGA...I wish that 128MB GT card was out because I would have been able to save at least a little money. I give up performance for money anyday! HA
You might want to read this before committing the $$$s.


I'm also searching to see if there is an affordable card out there with DDR3 on it.

As for manufacturers to avoid:
PNY - myself and several others, nothing but trouble.
Leadtek - second rate, may be ok, may not.
MSI - I've seen several boards that were poorly assembled resulting in failures.
Gainward - the scum sucking bastards factory overclock which results in early card death.

Basically if the card has the same chipset and RAM type it will perform the same.

B U T - cheaper cards use slightly slower RAM chips and push the limits on heatsinks and manufacturing which can lead to stability or life problems. You pretty much get what you pay for. On a $100 crad I'll take chances with low cost suppliers. On a $200+ card I only buy top names.

Good luck (and I hate you for getting a better card than mine!). ;p
XFX, from previous reviews from boasting friends are good (The 5950 Ultra was outstanding) but i ordered my xfx 6800gt and RMA'd it a few days later, majorly dead on arrival.

I've got to say that i'm leaning towards the Asus V9999GT which looks good :) (can be bought as a 128mb or 256mb)

Anyone heard anything about this one?
Think i decided on getting the 256MB GDDR3 6800GT from GigaByte. looks nice, awesome cooling using heatpipes and a fan mounted on the back side of the card (no bulky 2-slot fans like most of the other cards), and costs the same as most of the other 6800GT's that i've found. Hope the card don't arrive dead though, then i'd be pissed. want it to look good in my new good lookin case. the Quantum by MGE. here's a review on the case.


for those who don't feel like looking for the info on the GigaByte card, here's the link to the Newegg info on it.



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might actually set up a buyer guide for gfx cards later this week if I have time... input from others will be appreciated..

a sticky with some general info will suit everyone's needs and a few links to e-taillers will be provided as well as the general skinny on making the smart purchase for one's requirements...

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