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Vice City BUGS -- Help



If anyone could possibly point me in the right direction here or give me a clear understanding about whats going on here it would be much much appreciated.

First off there are no sound effects in the game only radio stations I hear playing, no other in game sounds at all. WHY?

Also when I jump into a car I see that the tail end of the vehicle is riding the ground this includes all vehicles. It doesn't make sense for a vehicles rear bumber to bouce up and down to where it rides the ground. Although this seems to disappear after the car gets in 2nd gear, but me not being able to hear the engine I'm not sure what gear it is...

Any solutions for these glitches eR buGs ?


If mine is crap then so is yours.

I'm using the AUDDRVPACK_L11.EXE which is the latest drivers.

I know this is a bug but not sure what the fix is...


You tried reinstalling? is sound enabled in options (ROFL)

Erm, well since im getting the game in Friday i may well get the same problems as you.

Have you tried the BETA audigy drivers?:huh:


LOL well point me to the beta drivers and I'll give them a shot.

I've heard this is a known issue but still haven't heard of a fix or workaround.


I have a diffrent problem, the game start 's out ok but after half hour or so it hangs up for no reason whatsoever. I haven't overclocked the grafic card just the cpu, all drivers are uptodate no beta's and ati's hasn't came out with latest drivers for ages now.


All of you turn Frame Limiter ON from the options menu, it seems to solve a lot of people's problems.

As for the sound, do you have Audigy 2/Audigy? There are other people with those cards that have problems.

For graphics drivers, use 43.35 or something like that.

If you need more help go to the gta forums


All I know is I'm using Audigy Gamer and I am using AUDDRVPACK_L11.EXE if there are better drivers for this card then point me to the URL or file for download itself.

I've tried both with and without the frame limiter but that just locks frame rate at 30. I don't think that helps the Textures stay blurry as you drive up on them. What the hell did Rockstar do different for Vice City I have none of these problems in GTA3.

Anything else I should post let me know...


mmmm, I have no idea whats wrong with yr textures then. Turning frame limiter on solved the problem to a lot of people.

Go check out the forums (link in my other post) and see if you can find anything.


Originally posted by neo
I have a diffrent problem, the game start 's out ok but after half hour or so it hangs up for no reason whatsoever. I haven't overclocked the grafic card just the cpu, all drivers are uptodate no beta's and ati's hasn't came out with latest drivers for ages now.
Try turning off FSAA and AA - I had the same problems (as ,it seems, are a lot of Radeon owners) but now it runs sweet.

Also, if you use VIA Hyperion Drivers (4.46 I think) try going back to 4.43 as they seem to be more compatible with Vice City for some reason.

Oh the joys of having a Radeon ;)


I just installed a new vid card the 9700 pro and now when I try to start up Vice City I see the mouse cursor turn into an hour glass and then nothing. I un-installed the game and re-installed and get the same thing. Why does this happen and how do I fix it?


try using different drivers, is there anyway to configure the GFX from OUTSIDE the program? eg a launcher, because then you can troubleshoot from that by disabling certain features then eliminating them from the problem.
I have the same problem with the frames not "actualizing" until after you drive up to them....it gets really annoying driving into invisible waqlls sometimes.
Frame Limter = ON = Lots of Problems Solved...

If you cant get there because of corrupt GFX alt-tab to the desktop and then back again, in a fit of desperation i thwacked the keyboard and sent it back to the desktop, when i popped it back it was fine. Go figure.... But WHOOOOT

Go on - try it...


The frame limiter Gives you BAD fps though, yes there sno more choppiness when driving but the Overall FPS is MUCh lower and that can be an arse sometimes.
wehey no problems here, but then thats prob cause I aint got an Audigy (I got nVidia Soundforce) and a not a GeForce GPU (got Radeon)

is anyone else with this type of config also not having problems. ie does it seem to be mainly Audigy and GeForce issues


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bleh... console ports to pc == teh suck..

gta 3 worked pretty good on my system... the occasional graphical glitch but it was more the textures than anything else and it was a minor annoyance... the patches fixed it...

my issue with vice city is simple..

I am playing @ 1600x1200 no AA or AF turned on...

the game plays FLAWLESSLY and looks damn nice too.. but... I am really going nuts trying to find out why the game suddenly decided to crash to desktop ?

it has done it 3 times now and every time it is after a long-ish mission where I am heading to save the game after completing it...

getting really really annoying...

since I have no graphical errors I did not want to install the patch (it does tell you if no graphical errors please don't install patch :D )

if anyone is getting similar issues lemme know...

I am going to format my system in the next couple of days so I will be seeing if there is a workaround...

conversley it anyone has a fix for this issue... lemme know :D

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