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Via KT266


The Analog Kid
Does anyone know if a Via KT266 based mobo will at least boot with a Barton chip to see if the Barton is functional.

I have a few 2500's that I don't if they are functional (I bought a bunch in a lot real cheap). The easiest socket A board I have access to is an MSI KT266 (MS-6830). I just need to see if the cpu's are ok.

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
It wont be full speed thats for sure dont know about getting it to boot it might not even post , wonder if there might be a bios upgrade but I doubt it.
Man, long time ago. I think you needed the KT266A to run Barton and other higher speed chips. It was a multiplier vs FSB vs those ID strips on the cpu substrate issue.

I beleive I did it once while waiting on the new MB and the chip ran, but at much reduced speed because the multipliers were x2 too low.

No harm occured.

You may need to manually setup FSB to 133.
well as I said. If you have the board already. plug it in and turn it on. At worst nothing will happen. Not rocket science. If you don't have the board. Sell it as untested.

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