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VIA 4in1 drivers



For the people with VIA chipset motherboards...do you guys get the VIA 4 in 1 drivers? I never downloaded them before because I never encountered any problems. If I get them will it like improve my system? I'm not really sure what they do.


hardware monkey
they've done nothing but good for me. including better game performance and overall compatibility and reliability. and they're practically required for any os besides winxp... which has version 4.33 built-in.

Phreak This

I'm with Tauras, even if your not experiencing any problems, updated drivers would still allow your system to perform more effiecient, which will spill over to better performance.

As long as your hardware drivers are upto date, ( video and such) you shouldnt have any problems..:)


Originally posted by catch23
If you do decide to install them, format first...they should be the very first thing you install.
Excuse me, but that should not matter att all! If I'm not misstaken, these drivers you speak of, are motherboard drivers only? Please ignore me if I'm wrong. But it they are indeed motherboard drivers, there is absolutely NO need at all do format you HD first, that has nothing to do with it.

However, these motherboard drivers can upgrade performance and/or decrease it severely. If it was all going fine from the start, I wouldn't install them!


Well of course! I'm not some dumbass, okay? Of course they are "important", but they already exist on the system. They are already installed. Like every other update, it is an update. Now please, this is starting to get rather personal, and it is kind of a matter of taste. If one choses to format just because one thinks it's fun, then sure... Fine by me. I'm just saying it's not vitaly important to do so if you want to update your chipset drivers.

In most cased where you would chose not to format first, you will not have any problems because that was your choise, and most of the cases where you DO have a problem, it is probably derived from updating at all. Then of course, there is indeed that very very small chance of screwing things up by not formating first, but let's be honest. It's smaller than the risk of being killed in a plane crash! (which most of you probably know is VERY small)

I for one, would not go through the trouble of formating, if I wouldn't need it because of something else.


Okay okay.... If you want to keep your illusions, and never listen to others, then: Fine! This is end of discussion as far as I'm concerned in this thread, so don't bother replying to this. But let me just tell you, I do have a great deal of experience in the area, and that's that.

Let's just agree with each other on the point that the creator of this thread was trying to get: No, if you don't really need then, or feel that you want them: don't bother installing them. Otherwise, sure.

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