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Via 4-in-1 Drivers Updated Again

Just downloaded and installed? the latest 4-in-1 drivers 26th June 2002.

These drivers do not appear to to be installed (no error messages or any messages for that matter), all the original drivers still in place. This happened with the last revision as well. Latest VIA drivers on my system are dated 20th March 2002.

Anyone had similar problems?

Dave H
Via 4-in-1 drivers

Iv'e uninstalled the old drivers and re-run the executable. This is what happened.

On re-booting my graphics card was found as new hardware and re-installed with the drivers that were already installed before the re-boot (a 3D Prophet 400XT TV-OUT 32Meg).

A message appeared telling me that 34 files were ready to be writen to CD.

Another message appeared stating the .NET password cannot verify my E-Mail address, please click here.

The (4-in-1) drivers as I now call them were not installed. The original drivers are still in place.

I have an EPOX 8KhA+ mb, VIA KT266A, AMD 133 Thunderbird.

Any ideas?

Dave H
4-in-1 drivers

Just been looking on other boards.

There is definately a problem with these drivers. Don't know what it is yet but will find out within the next 24 hours.

Dave H.


let us know how the benchmarking goes Catch23.. I'm interested to know if there are any worthwhile improvements..


I've had some bad experiences with the VIA 4-in-1's in the past, they've made CD writers disappear etc., so now in my new system I didn't bother installing them. Everything seems to work fine, but am I missing out on a performance increase?


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