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very weird problem!



Hey all
I just came back from vacation in Palm Beach, where i bought
a lot of cool hardware. I installed everything and overclocked.
The thing is, i can get in windows fine, i can run prime 95 fine,
3d mark 2001/2003. Everything is fine, no crashes or nothing.
But whenever i first turn on my system, it hangs at the place
where it detects the ide devices right at the beginning. It just stops and the hd led stays on. The thing is, that if i'm in windows and reboot nothing goes wrong, it reboots fine and gets in windows again. My temps are fine too, i never get above 50c.

This is my hardware:
Abit nf7 rev 2.0
Athlon xp 1700+ 1.5volt version XPMW
Thermalright SLK900-U with a 92mm vantec tornado
Geforce 4 ti 4600 leadtek
audigy 2
56kb modem (piece of crap)
80gb maxtor diamond max plus 9 7200rpm 8mb buffer
48x asus cdrw
16x asus dvd (but this is not connected yet)
1 case fan.
480watt antec dual fan true power supply.
mx 500 logitech mouse
elite logitech keyboard.
creative 6.1 speakers.
Super crappy 15" monitor, old as hell.

I think that's about it.
Hope you guys can help me, as this is a huge turn-off so to speak
since i really like this hardware.

Yngwie II


the divider is 6/6. So the pci and such
are working on 33mhz. The agp is on 66mhz. And the voltages are all stock except for the cpu voltage, which is 1.52.
I disabled the cacheable crap now. And the memory is OCZ rev 2 ddr 400 3200, 512mb of it.
I didn't disable ASPI or whatever it's called because disabling it after windows is installed only causes more trouble. I thought first it might be not enough voltage going to the cpu but that is not the case.
Some guys in other forums told me different things. Everyone is.
One says it is a jumper issue, i think my jumpers are correct though, and i'm not using serial ata or raid, don't have those. And besides, why would it go in windows after a few times if it was a jumper issue, that would mean it would never go in windows.

Sorry forgot to mention, my overclock is fsb: 200. divider 6/6
multiplier: 9.5. Total is 1900mhz. Running at 1.52volts.
Bios cache enabled, video ram enabled. Should i have those enabled?
And the agp aperature size is 128mb, fast write is enabled.
CPU interface is enabled.
Ram timings are 6-3-3- cas 2.0


A couple of questions:

Was it doing this before you OC'd your system?


You said you 'disabled the casheable crap', what do you mean? did you disable your L1 and L2 cashe? Cause that could cause windows to take a really long time to load


No not the L1's and such. Just the bios cacheable and agp cacheable. Just those two.

And i can't remember if it was doing it before that, cuz i overclocked the same day that i got into windows....


Try running your system at stock and see if it still happens, this could be a minor instability due to your OCing.

Also was it a fresh install of Windows? Although I don't think this is the problem because you said it is hanging at post. Correct me if I am wrong.

What type of ram do you have? It was not listed in your original post.

Your best way to troubleshoot your computer is to connect only what is absolutely needed; mobo, CPU, gfx card, mem, keyboard.
Your problem could lie in your modem or sound card. Either one could be having problems with the increased PCI bus. Does your mobo have an AGP/PCI lock? have you tried using them?


It still occurs exactly the same without the overclock.
I also updated my bios and still happens.

I'm gonna try disconnecting stuff later today. But what could it be??

The jumpers are all correct. I checked them 3 times.

My memory is OCZ rev 2 ddr 400 3200 512mb.
It is brand new, and doesn't give any errors with memtest and
prime95 and such.

All benchmarks like 3d mark all run fine too.


**** me!

No sorry man i can't do that. I can't RMA anything. I bought it in
America, but i live in the Netherlands Antilles, Curacao.
So i can't send anything back or anything like that. And the motherboard works fine just like all others, i don't think
anything is broken, just some stupid issue. Anyway, i'll keep ****ing around with it until it works!

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