Very Slow HDD performance, cache settings?



Hi, I start tweaking my system, and well, in some part I restart and I feel my hdd was slow. Boot more slow, and well, all appears to go very slow, so I check with sandra 2002. It shows me 16000!!!! when I remember the my hard disk was 22000 or little more, near to 24000 that appears, but 16000??? and I try to change memory tweackings but the performance increases a little but the hard disk still slow, I run a lot of times and it is going more slower, I have now between 13000 and 14000, very less from a ata 66. My hard drive is an IBM 75GXP 30gb. I have problems sometimes, it makes sounds like it's getting without power, but I format in the past and well the disk still working, a few weeks it makes the same noise and have i/o errors while copying a lot of data from one hard drive to another and very very slow. So I make a ghost and well hard drives for fines again, but I still have the problem of slow performance from the disk. I try with the registry modifying this value IoPageLockLimit but the performance is the same, sometimes 15000, sometimes 14000 and sometimes 13000. But never close to my old 22000 scores. Any Ideas? anyway this value I read and is supposed to be in bytes, but ip appears like for example 65536, so I can think this is Kb, not bytes? What value should I put? I'm very newbie in tweacking this things so any help I will really apreciate. The last things I must to say is the hard disk works fine, everything, drivers ok, ultradma 5 ok, so for me is a some caching problem, but I can not fix it, and I don't want to format and load all again from zero, maybe someone can help me before I do that. Thanks for all


This may help

1. run "regedit";
2. goto [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\IoPageLockLimit];
3. modify the value in Hex depending on the size of your RAM:
RAM: modified value(Hex)
64M: 1000;
128M: 4000;
256M: 10000;
512M or more: 40000.
4. reboot.

Diskcache plays a very important role in WinXP. However, the default I/O pagefile setting of XP is conservative, which limits the performance.

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