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Very slow downloads


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When tryign to view a webpage some times it takes ages to load and down load small files (ie) a 1.7meg file should not take 30 mins to download, its it me or my sucky ISP?


damn, what connection do u have?if u tell us that, we may be able to tell u more about it. like, is it dial-up?if it is, it may be your modem that isn't very good, or the phone lines aren't of good quality, i dunno, it may come from a lot of things:rolleyes:


OSNN Senior Addict
Yeah sorry about that,

I use Btopenworld ( btanytime) LOL Dial up
the line is only 4 mounths old and i have an external Creative Modem blaster (serial)

but the porblems have only started about 2 weeks ago :rolleyes:


hmm, ok. that's very weird...try this (it's very basic, but maybe u forgot it): go to your modem properties, and set its transfer rate to the highest possible (usually 11250 i think, or something like that), this should give u a little more speed. I would advise you to use a program like Webaccelerator, this thingy can boost up your cannection by changing the windows default settings for dial up, and it also keeps a very compressed file of pages u've already checked and pre-loads the links u take, leading u faster throughout the net..u can download it here i've done this when i had dialup in xp, and it kinda worked for me, so u could check it out, too. let me know, if it worked for you..:)


check your modem speed at

they have an upload and seperate download test.
It could just be your location to the server your trying to download from.
but there is something definetely going on.

good luck

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