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Very Good Prog


OSNN Renegade
I thouroughly enjoy this site and because of that fact, here's a little something that I'd like to throw back in!
There's this little Prog called "RegistryRobot" from US edition of PC Magazine. I downloaded it and used it 3 days ago. I thouroughly recomend it after using it, especially for broadband users, as it has some brilliant performance settings for your cable connection etc...etc... It's just like a GUI for the registry in XP without actually going in there. It is very user friendly and gives you the opportunity after every alteration, to revert back to the original setting, with ease.
The prog can be found at http://www.pcmag.com/article/0,2
The only stipulation is that you have to kinda sign for it so to speak. But it's FREE. Enjoy as I have.
Kind Regards Jim. :)


OSNN Renegade
By the way,
don't just click on the link. If you look at it....it is not all underlined in the post. You will have to trype it manually into your browser and address it that way...thanx... Jim.

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