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Vent Your Anger At NTL Here With other Pi$$ed of NTL Users


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heard the news that NTL is being anal and limting to 1gb data a day. this is a place where you can tell everyone how you feel.:D

im with bt broadband and 1gb limit i can tell you its a pain in the...


please keep it clean and somewhat intelligent.

To play Devils Advocate... (its what i do best)

With there restriction of 1 GB per day if that is too restrictive for you then why dont you find connectivity elsewhere?? Also as a business its their right to conduct business as they see fit. Would you want ppl telling you how you should run your business??
BTW why complain here.. you should at the very least complie all the complaints you get and forward them to their corporate HQ and make a website talking about it and make sure they get the link.. just a little suggestion from your Uncle PseudoKiller..


I may actually be insane.
Admitedly when theres the potential of up to 8gb of downstream data a day, an imposed limit of 1gb will seem quite daunting.
But the average user won't require that limit to be any larger.
Admitedly, I agree with all the posts and news articles being written by people from various places on the net, but i also feel that some people are over-reacting.

Face it, you could be on 56k and have no chance in hell of ever reaching 1gb a day :) :happy: :p


Originally posted by PseudoKiller
just a little suggestion for your Uncle PseudoKiller..
You gonna make a site then?

Or did you mean, a little suggestion from your Uncle Pseudo Killer...


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I'd tell NTL to **** themselves and go elsewhere, but I don't know how competitive broadband is in the UK.

There's rumblings that the greedy ******* corps want to try that here in the U.S....



i posted an article out of a newspaper here - http://www.ntfs.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29566

Me and my gf purposely upgraded to the 1mb package so we could download quicker... not so we could be shafted :/

1gb could take us as little as 1.5hrs to download... £35 a month for around 42 hours a month (going off there being 28 days a month) - makes it like 80odd pence an hour :/

seems cheap, but expensive when u think you could surf all day everyday and down like 8gb quite easily, and now theres only a 1gb max.

think ill be going elsewhere tbh
I download average of 3 ISOs a day. That's more then the limit. Then I burn.

HOwever, I have road runner, so no limitations, but if it happend here, that would be horrid..


not so much websites, but we have 3 comps in all - mine, my gf's and her kids.

we all play games online a lot, and we download a lot of files etc (although not through kazaa as we got fed up with downloading something to find it was something else *sigh*)

i also have access to a VPN at work which creates more downloads when i transfer files to and from the work server.

although it really doesnt seem to be a lot, you'd be surprised how often our connection has gone way over 1gb... on saturday alone, between the 3 computers, we must have broken 2 or 3gb easily

im seriously considering taking my business elsewhere, getting sky digital, bt phone line and zen adsl


i found the following quote from theregister.co.uk rather funny...

"Indeed, NTL insists that the limit has been imposed more as a guideline. It is not trying to penalise "ordinary" users. Instead, it wants to target persistent abusers of its broadband service, many of whom, its believed, are running businesses on what the cableco insists is a domestic service"

How can you abuse a 24/7 always on, unlimited connection to the internet by doing just that... using it 24/7 and unlimited - which is the complete basis of buying broadband in the first place!!

IMO, its not abuse on the connection, its purely making the most of your money. Too many companies world wide are offering faster connections to the internet for so much cheaper. I remember seeing somewhere that Japan have 12mb connections for the equivalent of £27 a month (with no download caps), so how come we have to make do with a 1mb connection for £35 a month with a cap of 1Gb a day??

But, even if current NTL customers (including myself) change ISP and go with ADSL, or move to a Telewest area (wouldnt that be nice? Blueyonder was excellent when I lived at my parents house in Liverpool)... whats to stop those ISPs from introducing a cap on their connections? Remember the 56k times? I remember WorldOnline introducing the 100 hours a month maximum limit on a former 24/7 unlimited service. Shortly after that, BT decided they would do the same (to the dismay of their customers), and then several others did the same... ejecting customers who exceeded their "reasonable usage" limit, which the ISPs failed to inform the customers of what exactly "reasonable usage" is!!

Perhaps we should all just move to Japan, enjoy 12mb and have done with it :p (jeez... if only possible lol)
ok, the prices in this country come from the fact that the government imposes VAT tax on usage of the internet. NTL are a buisness, they are of course going to try out new schemes and guidelines.

At a guess, i reckon 80% of NTL broadband customers will not be affected. This isnt the end of the world, or the end of your rights as a customer. The price isnt going up, the level of service isnt dropping.

And yes, I am an NTL broadband user and I have been for pushing 2 years now. If the limit is enforced after the 60 day monitoring period then so be it, I will comply because as it has already been said in this thread, i would rather have cable internet and spread out my usage, then have to drop down to dialup.


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Originally posted by Nick M
I download average of 3 ISOs a day. That's more then the limit. Then I burn.

HOwever, I have road runner, so no limitations, but if it happend here, that would be horrid..
its a real shame that some people will not be able to warez as freely as before :rolleyes:

NTL may be looking to introduce additional price points in their 'deal' structure to get people who use more bandwidth to subscribe to the more costly schemes... would seem logical...

but to tell you the truth.. 1 gb/ day does seem fair... to the average user... those who have more work to do.. such as webhosts et al might just have to look elsewhere...


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Originally posted by Octopus
my internet usage doesn't reach 1 giga a month lol
what do those users do with 1 giga a day?of course warez stuff
there are some people who have legit uses... but when someone says they are dl'ing iso's and burning it to cd's... well that leaves very little to the imagination now doesn't it :D

personally I can easily reach 1 gig/day just sending files to and from university to my home... ftping all kinds of files to work on/research/video/audio documentation and what not...

I am sure I break that barrier with the stuff I do online... :) but would not think everyday... certainly not more than a few times a month... if that...

concerning warez... I have now been in the practise of dling demos and buying my music/movies/games for a while now... if I want something bad enough... I will save up and pay for it.. makes me appreciate it more (or hate it more in the case of flippin ut2k3 crappola)... but thats just the way I Do things now...
To me life is simple, if you pay for a broadband connection with download speeds advertised at 1Mb and upload speeds at 500k then that is what you should get subject to the usual contention (number of users on your line) issues. It’s like the telephone companies saying that if you make more than (100) calls per day they will disconnect you even though you are paying for them. As this is fundamental to the use of the object (phone/line) usage and even though they might have mentioned in their small print that they had the option at some stage to alter the condition/s of your account or the usage, even though they are only trying to differentiate between business use and private use (which would be a breach of contract anyway) they are totally wrong and in my opinion in breach of contract to arbitrary assign any limit whatsoever without first asking you (the customer) if you are a business user (which is in all their contracts) which no doubt you stated that you were not.

If this is not the case you could be looking at 56k connection speeds from this supplier at certain times of the day as the number of users increases because using the same logic, once you have not registered with the supplier that they are (in your/my opinion) in breach of contract there is nothing to stop them reducing, incrementally the bandwidth available to match the current demand. This would leave them in a position where they have no further development costs which is in fact NTL’s current position due to the alleged severe financial restraints this company are under.

I would threaten legal action.

:) :)


I may actually be insane.
500k upload? where is this advertised? I thought the NTL service was at maximum 256k upload?
it is, 1024 down, 256 up.
from ntl
Service Download Speed Upload Speed
128K Broadband Up to 128Kbps Up to 64Kbps
600K Broadband Up to 600Kbps Up to 128Kbps
1Mb Broadband Up to 1024Kbps Up to 256Kbps

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