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VBScript to set desktops to use a primary and secondary wins server?


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Hey guys,

Here at one of my clients we just implemented a primary and secondary wins server, which should have been done a long time ago. I was told that there should be a way to do it by utilizing a vbscript that we could push out the changes to all of the user's computers, rather than going to each one and entering the information in manually. How would we be able to set this up?



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I agree with Fitz that these options should be configured through DHCP. Pushing out a type of script would still require an additional "push" if server information is updated in the future. DHCP server configurations push out each time the lease expires, which lowers your administrative overhead.


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Right now they are setup using Static IP Addresses. We would still have to go to each machine, set them to use DHCP, setup Address leases so they keep their IP addresses [Police station, I believe the static IP's are used for address translation from the State]... but they're already setup using Static.

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