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- geek -
Is anyone here going to be playing Vanguard when it goes live January 30th? I'm currently in open beta (due to pre-order) and the game looks rather interesting from a EQ2 players perspective. They have a ton of work to due by the end of the month but this game should be good stuff when it's a bit more polished. Anyhoo was just wondering if anyone here was playing.

Oh and I'm alive, just have been visiting front page instead of the forum. I'm almost always on IRC (though nobody else but Khayman is). :(

Welcome, Xie.
You last visited: October 22nd, 2006 at 12:18am

^ - thats crazy ... guess I've been lost in the work/MMO world for a while. :p
I've got it on pre-order from play.com Must remember to pop into game to get the preorder box with beta access :p

Age of conan is shaping up nicely too :)


- geek -
Sorry to make this kinda spamish like, but I really would like to win this Vanguard Affiliate Contest. So, if anyone here could take pitty on me and just sign up for the site and post something in the welcome that would be great (also welcome to post about anything pertaining to the game as well ;) ).

Oh and here is the link to the site, Vanguard Spheres.

Thanks! :)


- geek -
It's coming up on the last few days of the referral contest @ Vanguard Shperes and I could really use all the help I can get. So if you could just take a moment to sign up and post something (can be just saying hi to everyone on the forum) that would be GREAT. :)

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