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Vampire The Masquarade Bloodlines Help (Possible Spoliers)

Hi all

i think im towards the end of the game, n im in some underground bit under Mrs Xio or however u spell its place, anyway, there fire in a circle n these like stone Containers n u get the jade stones, ive tried every possible combo i can think of and cant get anything to happen, can sum1 please tell me how to get past this point, if u refer to location please refer to them from the main door.

Please Help

Havent got that far yet I'm still searchig for the nosferatu after wacking the guy with the funky head in the basement of that DMP movie house :p


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I'm still at Pisha's quests myself. You could try asking the same question in the Bloodlines section at Gamefaqs. They have people over there that have been there and done that many times.

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