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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brocher, Aug 11, 2003.

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    I have just bought a V92 Modem but i cannot get it to take phone calls whilest online. Is there a setting i have to change , i have call waiting through BT, do i need to switch this off. When the phone has been dialed the modem stops working but the telephone doesn't ring. any ideas?
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    when you are using a dialup modem the phoneline becomes engaged. I think there are tools which will notify you that someone is trying to call, but I cant remember where to find those.
    If you have BT 1571 then if you get a call while online it will be diverted to that, but as that creates a false dialtone, you will be unable to dialout either by phone or modem until those messages have been checked.
    The telephone not ringing and causing the modem to disconnect could be a result of not enough power being availble on the line, you might want to get BT to check that.
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    brocher go to your V92 manufacturer's website and see if they give you a link to how to configure that beast. Now if you get an incoming call with the V.92 don't you have to d/c from the net in order to take the call?