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V3i help!!!!


OSNN One Post Wonder
i got a Moto V3i and my comp says usb device not recognized every time i plug it in
was i suposed to get a driver cd with it b/c i didnt can someone please help me


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V3I = iTunes phone, correct?

Then you should have gotten a CD preloaded with the iTunes software bundle and the drivers for the phone. If that isn't true then try the V3 drivers.


OSNN One Post Wonder
ok heres the deal i live in the US and i bought my V3i unlocked so i guess it came over from europe and i just got off the phone with motorola because my computer does not recognize my phone and they said it was because itunes couldnt read it because it is a europian phone, that doesnt even make sense because isnt itunes, itunes no matter where you are if anyone can help me i would be eternaly grateful

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