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uxtheme.dll patch


OSNN Advanced
I've noticed that the uxtheme.dll patch is somewhat important to many people while I was reading through the unattended xp cd guide.

Can anyone tell me what exactly does this particular file do and in what way does the patch alter the original one?


Free to Fly
It allows uncertified .msstyle files to be applied to the system. .msstyle files are theme files that change the way windows looks, allows users to change from default luna and classic looks.


Free to Fly
yes, it does. but you have to pay for it.

patching the uxtheme.dll does the same thing as stylexp without using a third party app, and its free


OSNN Advanced
Oh I see.
I guess you'll need to know what you're doing if you're going to change the appearance using the uxtheme method. =)


Free to Fly
Its not actually that difficult. The manual method is tricky, but there are several programs available that people have made that do it all for you. all they require isa few mouse clicks and a reboot.


OSNN Advanced
um... could you tell me where I can find these programs you are referring to please?
I would like to have a different appearance, but as you mentioned, you need to pay for StyleXP, which I think is not worth spending on.


Free to Fly
You can use this one. NTFS.org does have one hosted somewhere, but the URL has changed so many times I cant remember where it is.

Anywho, that one should do the trick.

Remember though, when you hit 'Patch', and you get the Microsoft Protection Pop up, you have to click 'Cancel' and then accept changes otherwise windows will put the old file back.

This does no harm to your system at all


OSNN Advanced
I've got the patch already, thanx.
Was hoping you could direct me to those programs you were referring to that helps you make the changes. :)


OSNN Advanced
Oh right.
Some confusion here.. lol.

So after I got the patch into the system, what is the next step to take to change the appearance?
Download any msstyle file that you want to use, and double click it. The Appearance tab of Display Options should come up with the new theme you selected. Hit OK, and it'll be applied.

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