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UT2003 Sticky Keys

Hey folks, When playing this wonderful game i get a problem after about 15 minutes of play where a key, usually the forward key will lock up and stick.

Now, i know what your thinking, its the keyboard, but this dosent happen on any other game i have, and i use the same key mapping for most games. In this case the forward key is the KeyPad 8 key.

The only way i can stop it from happening also is to exit the game and reload UT2003. Which also points at it being the games fault and not the keyboard.

Has anyone else had this happen?


I have the same happen while Elite Force sometimes.. what seems to happen is the key I was pressing when I got toasted is locked when I respawn.. the fix is after you respawn to tap the key a couple times to free it up.. give it a try..

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