UT2003 does not work

i just bought ut 2003 and di installed all 3 cd's and i start up the game and it last's 20-30 seconds and it just shuts off and bring me back into windows. i know my pc can handdle it because i played teh demo fine and i downloaded the e3 version and it worked fine but when i spend hte money to get it, it does not work, i really need help can some one help me
no i am using the cd and everything i am doing right now is legal. there are no alterations to anything. i am thinking of just formatting and starting over becasue it would not hurt
but if there is a soultion without formatting then i would like to know of one


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did you remove the UT2003 demo before installing the full game.

Some games dont like their demos to be on the PC at the same time as them, conflicts of some kind.

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sumtimes on discs there is 2 exe files, 1s a crack that has to be changed after youve run the original exe. if not then i dont know

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Someone menetioned this on the chatroom last night.. use the no cd crack... as it is apparently an issue with the new safedisk... I do suggest using the crack until the issue is resolved.


I think what he said was that he bought UT in the store, so he has the official cd. Looks like a driver or incompatable hardware issue...

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Like I said, its an issue with the new safedisk. A crack is a temporary workaround, but I am not going to tell you wherte you find one.. look on the infogrames forum sof rmore information!

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I think it is just an initial method of anti-piracy tho in future patches I am sure the cd will not be a requirement (same thing happened with both unreal and ut)

You can always leave the cd in the drive and play with a crack, I imagine the crack only circumnavigates the safedisk protection.
ok thanks

one other thing: when i was playing it froze after i won and i took a screen chot and when it froze is made a high pitch hiss over the speakers, would this be a problem with the sound card drivers. i ahve an audigy gamer

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I have been having that crash myself, but strangely only when I had the side of my case on, added more cooling and the problem seems to be gone. UT2003 will push any graphics card out there to the max. Well worth ensuring that you have the latest drivers for each though.
i am pretty sure that it is not cooling for me because inside my case it is 10deg and my chip is at 15 and my videocard is at 10
i have spent a good deal of money making it cold like this for these reasons there are other problems with my windows so i am just going to format and then if it happens agian then i am going to go for the no cd patch untill they update and can fix the problem

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